exploring digital space

Pam is a new kind of publisher; agile, flexible and innovative, creating inspiring and expert interactive editorial for tablets, phones, and the web. The company was founded by two writers, with decades of experience between them at some the UK’s best known music publications and book publishers. The core offer we make to our audiences is the authority of our writing.

With a team of inventive, forward thinking designers, Pam is dedicated to bringing exciting design projects to life, making the stories we write come alive through innovative magazine apps that are crafting the future of digital publishing. Our design is telling its own story, every bit as compelling as the words and pictures, pulling the reader through the content on an adventure of discovery.

Pam takes interaction seriously. It’s designed into everything we do, whether it’s in our magazine apps, via our social media, or when we take the experience off the digital page and into the real world, with exclusive events streamed via our online platforms. It's there in the physical relationships between our limited editions of beautiful artefacts and the audiences that covet and enjoy them.

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